The Protagonists

Thelma and Louise: we met at university when it was free and have been friends ever since.  The strength of our friendship is demonstrated by the fact that we have traveled together including felucaing on the Nile, tubing and elephant treks in Laos, Monoloply tours of London, phoing in Vietnam, wine tasting in MacLaren Vale, and kayaking at Pittwater  and  still talk to one another.  That isn’t to say we haven’t had our moments, we are VERY different but somehow we muddle through.

The Quest

To eat in every single pub in the area bordered by Swanston St,  Lonsdale St,  Hoddle St and Merri station (Epping Line).

The rules 

  • We have to eat at every pub that offers a meal – this could take a while
  • Budget = $60 for meal and drinks together
  • By drinks we mean beer, we are visiting pubs after all. And where possible, the beers have to be ones we haven’t tried before
  • We take it turn about to choose the venue, the route and to pay
  • We can’t walk backwards, not literally! The deal is that we have to take a route to the evening pub, to ensure that we don’t back track


Want to contact Thelma and Louise?

Email us: walktalkfork@gmail.com



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