The Parkview Hotel

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I know it’s not the best photo, but have a good look.  See the figure on the top of the post? Thelma and I tried very hard to get a clear image but give that we are just using a basic phone camera this isn’t a bad effort.  Now to the real questions who, what and why, and will we ever know?

Actually I wonder if there are figures on other tram stops?

Life at the moment is topsy-turvy; Brad Pitt is still in the country ministering to The Mother, I am still on zoo keeping duties, so Thelma and I demonstrating flexibility by not so much walking but rather feeding, driving,then taking and forking, so the essential part of the evenings activities are still intact. These are really the most important parts anyway.

Now nothing gladdens the heart like 2 for 1 offer, and that was the sign that beckoned us to The Parkview, two mains for the price of one.

With such a budget saver, Thelma noted that “we can have as much beer as we like, and dessert!”  Well we didn’t go that mad but we did start with nachoes ($11) because we could . And they were exactly what you would expect of $11 pub nachoes, nothing more, nothing less.

Interestingly, even though it was a Thursday and I assume a pay night for many, the pub, bistro and even the pokies area seemed very quiet, perhaps this is why the 2 for 1 offer?  The lack of patrons seemed to encourage the barman to chat, we were offered wine but as you know, Thursday is beer night. After some discussion we went with Thunder Road full steam pale ale x 2( $11).  The barman, a friendly man with time on his hands was more than happy to chat and we all agreed that Thunder Road was a good ‘summer’ beer and apparently its a local brew, from Brunswick.

What we ate: Thelma went for the beef cheeks, celeriac puree, roast field mushrooms, dutch carrots and mushroom sauce ($16).  Apparently, while hot, the beef cheeks were enjoyable but as they cooled they got tougher. Me? I had scotch fillet with roast veg and mash, and despite the garlic butter recommendation from the barman, went the red wine jus; should have gone the butter.

Finally a word of warning regarding the sobriety test on the way to the loo; it’s 1/4 step down then 1/2 step up; easy to miss and the result would be unattractive.


Lifeus interruptus

Thursday, 7 June 2012

One of the challenges of being a woman of a certain age is having a mother of a certain age.

The Mother dislocated her shoulder; not, she would want me to let you know, through an old lady fall, but rather hefting carpet and getting her feet tangled in the bottom of it.

Anyway the up shot is that Brad Pitt has gone to the country to tend to The Mother, as she needs support with tying laces,  cutting food and general domestic support, he is NOT needed for personal care, much to his and The Mother’s relief.

This change in circumstances leaves me now responsible for managing the menagerie  and disrupts the elegant flow of the Thursday Night.

Thelma and I decided that flexibility was required, so rather than our usual routine of walk, talk and fork, we massaged, trained and pizzaed. First we went for a neck and shoulders massage at Lu’s Healthcare at the QV Centre.  Lu’s is one of the myriad of massage shops that has opened in the last couple of years, initially I was suspicious, how good can a franchise massage shop be?  Well, I have to say, very good, serious deep tissue chinese massage, just what was required after a fairly fraught week.

After a good work out at Lu’s, we floated to the train and to feeding time at the menagerie.  That done, Thelma and I sat down to repeats of repeats of The Big Bang Theory and pizza from Pizza e Vino and a bottle of durif. Pizza was good, thin crust, fresh ingredients; we had L’Atomica $15.50 and Verdura $15 and most importantly, they home deliver.

Although the evening was enjoyable, hopefully we shall resume normal transmission next week.

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