Thursday, 3 May 2012

It is a sad fact that sometimes life comes between Thelma, me and Thursday night. And this was such a time.

Thelma’s work some times takes her on tours of the country and this Thursday she was gracing the fine city of Shepparton.   She partook of the fine dining repast courtesy of room service from the motel’s bistro, this included a $10 bottle of wine.  She would like it noted that she didn’t finish the bottle.

If missing Thursday night is disconcerting for us, it is down right traumatic for ‘Brad Pitt’, my partner, who plans his Thursday’s  based on the premise that he will be ‘home alone’.  There is a standing order for chicken and broccoli risotto from the local Italian and what ever high quality TV program he chooses, “Pascoe and Dalziel”, “Stargate” and “Red Dwarf” reflect his choices.  Having me home on a Thursday night, spoils these simple pleasures.

So what did I do?  Spoil his fun?  Nah! actually I used the opportunity to visit D&D, and join them for home delivered Indian, ordered on the net.  My other reason for visiting D&D was to have some earings made for a cousins 40th birthday.  The picture shows D’s handy work  and reflect a lovely set of synergies; my Mother’s crystal beads, made for a my cousin by a friend of 30 years standing.

Well, that is what happens on a Thursday night without Thelma; no walk, a bit of talk and plenty of fork.


In our previous post, we mentioned that The Rose, the Fitzroy institution was to be auctioned on 27 April 2012.  Well, it sold  for $2.65 million and much to the relief of locals and Thelma and me the new owner said The Rose ”will stay as a pub and be run as a going concern”. For more information see: Sale of The Rose

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