thursday night

It’s Thursday night  and everyone knows what that means.  For the last who knows how long, Thelma and I have had a catch-up on a Thursday night.  It started as Vietnamese and telly at her place; but when the take-away lady calls you by name and knows your order without you having to say anything, you are in a rut, and things need to change.   And change they did;  we decided that to shake things up a bit , as we both worked in the city we could meet up there, and not just meet and eat in the city but why not do something radical, we could walk home and find somewhere on the way.  And that is what we have been doing for nigh on five years, every Thursday night Thelma and I meet,  share a repast and then journey home, well to Merri station at least, where we each go our separate ways.

Over the years we have themed our Thursdays, pubs, Cheap Eats (courtesy of The Age) and as we have share our discoveries with our near and dear we have often been extolled to write it down,” you should do a blog”. I think “Julia and Julia” have a lot to answer for, but anyhow, having played successfully in the blogosphere in my other life, I have decided to take up the challenge and blog our Thursday night adventures.

The theme for the next set of adventures  is pubs; specifically our aim is to visit and eat in every single pub in the area bordered by Swanston St, Lonsdale St, Hoddle St and Merri station (Epping line).  We actually did this several years ago, when smoking was still allowed in pubs and since then much has changed, and it will be interesting to experience food without that smoky aftertaste, and somethings will have remained the same, such as the sacred parma.

Now to be clear , this is not a food guide, yes we eat, yes we enjoy eating and yes we can be somewhat critical(especially me) but the aim of this blog is to share what two women of a certain age get up to on a Thursday night in inner city Melbourne… And no thesiswhisperer, there won’t be any photos of our meals!  I had a very romantic dinner at Ezard  spoilt by those on the table next to us who insisted on capturing every dish for posterity, flashes in a subduedly lit restaurant really spoil the mood..,  so no photos of parmas lying  provocatively over a bed of chips in this blog.

To show that we don’t take our quests lightly we have a set of rules to follow and they are strictly adhered to, this gives our adventurers the aura of a medieval quest, where the rules of chivalry, or in our case, Thelma and Louise, must be adhered to.

The rules

  • We have to eat at every pub that offers a meal – this could take a while
  • Budget = $60 for meal and drinks together
  • By drinks we mean beer, we are visiting pubs after all.  And where possible,  the beers have to be ones we haven’t tried before
  • We take it turn about to choose the venue, the route and to pay
  • We can’t walk backwards, not literally!  The deal is that we have to take a route to the evening pub,  to ensure that we don’t back track

So, that’s the context.  We have just finished eating our way through the Cheap Eats recommendations in our bailiwick and now move on to pubs. From now on each Thursday day we will walk home, talk about life, the universe and everything and fork our way through meals at Melbourne’ inner north pubs.

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  1. meat'n'greet

     /  June 5, 2012

    what a great idea! Unless of course it happens to rain… do you cheat on the walking then?

    • Thanks 🙂 when it rain we still walk, but we cunningly select a pub on a tram route so if it is too soggy we can jump on the tram to get home after dinner. To be honest, this has rarely happened.


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